BTD 26 maggio 2018

 Artista: GOH & SUGARSTARR  Anno: 2014  Genere: D. HOUSE
1: Redman
Once upon a time not long ago, I heard Run D.M.C. on the radio
Tape deck and record. Suit and valor. Popping & locking on the cardboard
Fell in love with Hip Hop no question. D.J cut the rucket, I get aggressive
Furious 5, you get the message. Shut it down like I ain’t pay no electric
I’m like ODB. up in the party, I want to jump up and be somebodaay
Charlie Holmes, I got tabs on mommy. She gon’ fuck me and fuck my colleagues
Wasasbi hot, look at him. I’m full of fire like the McCrackin
Stay on tour, Euro I’m rackin’. Be in the hood when you’re???
Twerk that ass girl, that’s the one like the blunt, I’m gonna give you a shotgun to inhale
90 b-boy keep the elements, hot shells make them backspin to windmills
GOH, haters, a DOA. A young boy what I used to be. Now I’m all grown up. I’m a boss and bitches waving like “Tah, Come fuck with me.” becauseI know I can’t afford to stop for one moment. Cause I’m just out of reach of your fingerI know I can’t afford to stop for one moment. For it’s too soon2: Method Man
Ah, used to rock mp3. Before that, hot tracks and MTV
Now I syncrhonize the MPC so this drap, genuine like MGD
I OD in the booth like ODB
LOL old school, I’m so PC. See the mic, I gotta grab it, OCD
You’re playing the odds when youre facing the mob see the God raising the bar half of ya’ll just don’t get it
I’m hard in the paint when the dank embarked in it then i might roll up in a tank dog. Ain’t no limit
GOH haters get DDT. Does that say what they used to be. It’s Funk Doc and the God on point like with CP3. It’s about time ya’ll get used to me because
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